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This up-tempo track brings together a signature stylistic blend that’s hard to categorize; combining the talents of hip hop artist Jarobi White of A Tribe Called Quest, alternative R&B vibe of singer/songwriter Trent Park, and Starita’s eclectic mix of electronic music and acoustic instruments.

Starita is a 2 time Grammy recognized producer. His newly released single, premiered by Billboard Magazine showcases Starita’s deep roots in dance and funk music; kicking off the collaborative effort featuring a dream team of artists.

Rules is the first single in the debut Album, Starita – For the Record, speaking to that can-do (and will-do, damn it) spirit, which dares to defy odds and break the “rules” of music genres. This upcoming EP will blend both deep cuts with party tunes as it aims to go beyond genre barriers.  A lot of the songs do not follow conventions and focuses on doing what’s right for the song and not trying to squeeze it into any confines.

STREAM / DOWNLOAD Starita ‘Rules’:



Special thanks to collaborators on this single:

Artists: Jarobi White, Trent Park
Collaborators: Mamel of Los Amigos Invisibles, Michael Shiono, Charles Stella, J Bowman of Michael Franti and Spearhead, Christian Pepin
Recording Studios: Fantasy Studios, Different Fur, Sonic Faction
Photography & Video: Tam Starita, Michael Moya, Pat Garvey, Virginia Hong, Sunee Salpetchniyom, Steve Disenhof