In today’s music industry flexibility is the most important factor in giving an artist the best sounding product while being mindful of budget. Starita can work at nearly every studio in the Bay Area therefore providing cost effective options while maintaining the highest quality sound. The studios listed below are where Starita does most of his work but if you have a request for another studio, that can be arranged.

[tabset tab1=”Fantasy Studios” tab2=”Different Fur” tab3=”Jingletown Recording” tab4=”Hyde Street Studios” tab5=”Hyde St. Studio C”]

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Fantasy Studios speaks for itself with multiple tracking rooms, a huge selection of vintage and new mics as well as almost every piece of outboard gear imaginable. They also host 4 echo chambers and 4 plate reverbs that have been emulated by plug-in manufacturers for years. Nothing beats the real thing….

[rev_slider DifferentFur]

Different Fur is another classic historic studio that’s hosted Brian Eno, David Byrne, Elvis Costello, Stevie Wonder and Michael Franti just to name a few. They feature a vintage SSL 4056/48e console with a multitude of pres and outboard gear. There’s also a sauna in case you want to relax after a long day of recording.

[rev_slider JingleTown]

Jingle Town Recording is a one stop shop with 3 rooms housing a NEVE 8068, SSL9k and a Trident Series 80b. The mic selection and outboard gear are phenomenal making it possible to get just about any vibe you’re looking for under one roof.

[rev_slider hydestreetstudios]

Hyde Street Studios is one of the most famous studios in America and many of everyone’s favorite records have been done inside these walls. From Santana and Creedance Clearwater Revival to 2Pac and Digital Underground it’s history is endless. This room is great for small and large projects boasting a beautiful Yamaha grand and 2 ISO booths.


[rev_slider StudioC]

Hyde Street Studio C is arguably one of the most famous and best sounding rooms in the Bay Area. Countless classic records have been cut in this room and it has the vibe to show for it.