Label Services

If you need distribution and marketing services, the Starita Music  Label Services Team is here to help.  We have a team of experienced, skilled professionals across every discipline from distribution to branding, publicity, marketing, and more.

And because we are business built by artists, our first principal is always to find and honor each artist’s authentic voice.  We do not believe in the cookie-cutter approach and neither should you.  Each go-to-market plan is done in a way that presents our artists to the world the way they want to be seen and heard. Below are the standard day-to-day things we manage for each of our artists.


Project Management

We have people who are good at the detail stuff and keep it moving so you don’t get bogged down in not doing what you do best.  Our goal is to keep you making music, so we can handle projects from A to Z, whether it is budgets, timelines, vendor management, marketing campaigns, etc.

Identity & Branding

Our branding team is seasoned in the development of identity for new business ventures within the music industry as well as other business categories.  Our process can distill your essential values, your back-story, and your creative vision into an identity package.  We do positioning and messaging strategy to make your marketing dollars go farther, and bring world class design resources to bear in creating your logo, album cover art, and other elements of your identity.


Starita Music has experienced, seasoned marketing pros who can execute anything from a go-to-market strategy for new artists to awareness building for artists looking to increase their fan base.  Our Marketing Team brings a combined 40+ years of marketing experience.   Our team’s skill set comes from a focus on media & entertainment but with a hugely beneficial cross-category set of relevant experience including other entertainment forms like film and video games, as well as considerable consumer goods experience.  We work in all media spaces including social media, search engine advertising, web design & development, and “traditional” media, etc.


We work with deeply experienced PR veterans who will do a deep-dive on your project and come up with a real-world approach to generating press attention.   The PR pros work closely with our Brand Marketing team to ensure that your brand and voice remain consistent.


Starita Music has worldwide distribution through Alpha Pup records. Alpha Pup is  a preferred Spotify and Apple distributor in the independent music distribution industry. This allows Starita Music to provide our clients with the most transparent and scalable distribution tools including analytics, rights management services, and thoughtful marketing solutions.

Radio Promotion

We work with our radio promotion vendors to execute effective radio campaigns. This is executed in a cost effective way should it be relevant to the project.

Content Creation

Our in-house content creation team (photographers, videographers, copywriters, graphic designers, stylists) works closely with artists and the branding/marketing teams to create visual assets ranging from album art to full production videos.