Producer // Mix Engineer

For a musical instrument, a song is the breath of life.  The virtuoso plays his instrument in a way that both honors the song and elevates it.  A studio is often overlooked as a lifeless thing – a conglomeration of hardware, software, and soundproof walls.  But a studio is indeed a musical instrument, and the producer, its virtuoso.

Out Now 'The Wake Up Call'

Compositional Ambient Album From Starita Featuring Christian Scott aTunde Adhuah, Robin Applewood, Pratika Gopinath, Michael Hays, Sean Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band and Trent Park.

Label Services

If you need distribution and marketing services, the Starita Music  Label Services Team is here to help.  We have a team of experienced, skilled professionals across every discipline from distribution to branding, publicity, marketing, and more.

And because we are business built by artists, our first principal is always to find and honor each artist’s authentic voice.  We do not believe in the cookie-cutter approach and neither should you.  Each go-to-market plan is done in a way that presents our artists to the world the way they want to be seen and heard. Below are the standard day-to-day things we manage for each of our artists.

Music Publishing

Starita Music manages catalogs of writers from all genres and has one of the most robust administration infrastructures in the world. Through strategic partnerships we are directly affiliated with most Performance Rights societies internationally, a roster of world-class artists and producers, along with one of the best creative teams in the industry.



Affiliates and Labels