Music Publishing

Starita Music manages catalogs of writers from all genres and has one of the most robust administration infrastructures in the world. Through strategic partnerships we are directly affiliated with most Performance Rights societies internationally, a roster of world-class artists and producers, along with one of the best creative teams in the industry.


Neighboring Rights

Through our administration we have a Neighboring Rights team that works directly with all major societies worldwide to collect royalties on behalf of our roster. We have seamless integration between our label distribution and publishing catalogs which optimizes income tracking territory-by-territory.

Sync Licensing

Through our strategic partnerships we have teams handling our masters and copyrights pitching our catalogs across all media including film, TV, advertising, computer games and compilations.


Writing Camps and Production Teams

We put together production teams and writers from our roster to create for artists, respond to sync pitches and build our catalogs for placement opportunities.

Song Placement

Our creative team utilizes our far reaching network to place songs that are in our catalogs with artists of all genres.