Starita Records Trevor Hall ‘The Mountain’ In Meditation Hall from 1904!

We could talk about all of Trevor Hall’s milestones in the music industry, but Trevor is so much more than that. Trevor gives so much in his performances and music while valuing  personal connections with people and their stories. Even though thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle and the life of the candle will not be shortened, we felt that we should give back by recording Trevor in an environment that would foster his spirit and love for what he does so well . We captured a special moment with Trevor while he performed a song that is dear to him in a meditation hall built in 1904 in Pt. Richmond.  We feel honored to have been a part of such a special auspicious moment in time.


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Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown Show The West Coast How To Rock

TylerBryant steve rosenfield photographyBAMC

(Photo by Steve Rosenfield Photography at Hyde St. Studios)

Last week guitar slinger Tyler Bryant ripped through the West Coast with his band The Shakedown in support of his new record “Wild Child”. The 12 song rock n’ roll masterpiece reached #3 on the iTunes charts in the first 2 days of it’s debut and “Say A Prayer” was Single Of The Week. Needless to say, this band is kickin’ ass and takin’ names while blazing their way across the country leaving crowds asking “What just happened?!”  The crew teamed up with Starita’s Bay Area Music Collective to track a couple of tunes at San Francisco’s famed Hyde Street Studios while BAMC’s Visual Mastermind Steve Rosenfield captured the magic. The boys all headed up to Sacramento to deliver Harlowe’s one of the best rock shows to date and to participate in Rosenfield’s nationally renowned photo project, What I Be, aimed at helping people find strength in exposing their insecurities.